adjust.IT Conflation

Managed Data Quality Improvement

Conflation increases the spatial accuracy of network data in relation to a new base map or other control such as GPS, LIDAR or road centre lines.

adjust.IT is NOT “rubber sheeting”.

Conflation dramatically improves the efficiency of network management, optimisation and performance by lifting spatial quality of business network asset information.

It is not simplified rubber sheeting, but takes inhomogeneous shift models into consideration while preserving the utility’s network shape using a rigorous least squares adjustment.  adjust.IT solves linear equation systems at a rate of 250,000+ unknowns/sec on a standard PC.

Our subject matter experts (SME) and operators use adjust.IT to control and QA the network adjustment process and improve spatial accuracy during conflation, which results in significant data handling savings and quality improvements.

Available on Smallworld and on ArcGIS:

gis data conflation