Right Shoring

Our right-shoring strategy creates the most cost-effective quality team regardless of location.

Right shoring spatial IT

For many years, we have successfully delivered right shoring solutions to our global adjust.IT customers.

As a result, we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd operates successfully as a wholly Australian owned subsidiary in Hyderabad since 2012.

Organisationally and culturally we are well prepared to offer right-shoring to our global customers and the nature of our work has greatly diversified into general network data capture and maintenance for telcos and utilities.

Our projects are typically a mix of:

Onshore specialist, high value - low volume tasks:

Project Management, Requirement Analysis, Architecture, Design, Advanced Development, Training, …

Offshore generic, low cost - high volume tasks:

Administration, Configuration, Development, Testing, Documentation, Data Migration and Clean-up – making up the majority of the project hours.

Right-shoring: Lowest possible cost without losing quality.

Our low blended Right-shoring rates, commitment to ISO9001 and decades of industry experience make us highly competitive.

Business Benefits:

Cost Savings

  • The customer will get a drastic service cost reduction or multiple throughput increases within their budget constraints, but without loss of service quality.
  • Both Melbourne and Hyderabad operations are ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the provision of IT based Consulting, Training and Product Development Services.

Successful Track Record

  • we-do-IT is a veteran of successful right-shoring for our adjust.IT network alignment data services performed for our global customers.
  • The projects are managed from Australia with the majority of the work performed in our 100% Australian owned subsidiary we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd.

we-do-IT Trained

  • Several of our Indian staff who joined us in Australia many years ago have since taken up management roles in Hyderabad and lead we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd from strength to strength providing both R&D and Data Engineering services.
  • Within three years we had to move from a 60 workstation office into a 120 and recently a 240 workstation facility.  We are now looking to expand again as our right-shoring model is highly valued by our customer base.