High Quality, Low Cost Right-Shoring Solutions

for Telcos, Utilities & Government

The World’s largest Organisations trust we-do-IT:



We are vendor agnostic and 100% customer success focussed.

we-do-IT is a leading global supplier of spatial Enterprise Solutions for Telco, Utility and Government organisations.

We offer consulting, development, training and system support services to our clients in telecommunication, electricity, gas, and water utility industries – provided by our specialist 300+ workforce from 21 different countries, speaking 27 natural and 64 machine languages.

We have successfully integrated SAP with GIS since 1995 and specialise in ERP Mobility Solutions for all industries.  We have wholly owned subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand, North America, India, the UK and Germany.

we-do-IT successfully implemented the first SAP Certified GIS interface in 1996 and has followed with many other successful implementations around the globe, since.  LatLonGO, our Award winning SAP/ERP Mobility solution was first released in 2013 and it is now used in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany and Luxembourg – managing a total of  5m+ network connection points.


We excel in many other spatial Enterprise  Business Solutions:

  • provision of class-room based learning for 1,600+ operators,
  • the accuracy improvement of 300+ million coordinates,
  • Network Field Recording Service,
  • advanced Research & Development and
  • through our global support network.
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