About Us


  • ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of Consulting, Training and Product Development Services; Quality Management System developed entirely in-house in record Australian time and without help of external consultants.
  • ITIL Service Management Certified
  • SAP PartnerEdge Development Partner
  • HERE Partner
  • ESRI Partner
  • Highest number of Smallworld GIS Qualified Staff and Certifications in AU/NZ
  • Highest number of GIS upgrades (45) performed in Asia-Pacific – many of them SAP/GIS Spatial Enterprise Solution upgrades – all on time/budget


  • We never trade-off quality against low cost accepting the “race to the bottom” introduced into Australia by foreign “service” providers
  • We always deliver both quality AND low cost as we are not only ISO9001 Certified but we also have our own successful Right-Shoring operation
  • Our solution delivery record over twenty years is second to none
  • We never bid low to win-and-recoup through costly variations – like our so called “competitors” do
  • We strictly obey Australian Labour and Immigration Laws and treat our global work force fairly and to Australian standards
  • Our staff churn is 1/3 of the Australian IT industry average, for very good reasons
  • We always provide value-add through innovation well beyond customer expectation


  • Self-funded, financially stable, family-owned.
  • Successfully delivered $200m+ of geo-spatial IT solutions to global Telcos, electricity, gas, water Utilities, Government-owned Enterprise and Defence.
  • 100% Australian owned right-shoring operation in Hyderabad India, managed by Australian and Indian Citizens, governed by an Australian Board of Directors.


  • 25 years experience in GIS/SAP/CIS/SmartGrid Development/Support and Spatial Enterprise Solutions
  • Responsible for very large projects, eg Development of National Broadband Physical Network Inventory (PNI) including the class-room based training of 1,600+ GIS operators and right-shoring of a very large Data Services program
  • Systematic GIS data quality improvement network adjustment right-shoring services (adjusted 80% of Queensland, 100% of WA, large parts of NSW, 100% of New Zealand, Texas and New York City, major parts of US and Canada, started all of France)
  • #1 Global Conflation/Homogenisation Solution Provider, processed 300+ million coordinates to-date


  • Developed #1 Conflation Product/Service adjust.IT released 2000 as Smallworld implementation and 2019 as ArcGIS GUI version sharing common adjustment engine; we have not lost an adjust.IT tender since.
  • Implemented World first SAP Certified GIS|connect Interface at United Energy 1996 still in production today; completed latest GIS|connect implementation as part of Ausnet WorkOut Project early 2016 – still the market leader after 20 years.
  • Developer of SAP Certified LatLonGO® ERP Mobility Solution including SAP WorkManager, PM, MRS Integration delivering Spatial Enterprise Solutions
  • LatLonGO won the 2014 Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Victoria Export Award and has been sold to global electricity, gas and Telco customers totalling 3.2m connection points
  • LatLonGO SAP Solution Winner of the 2015 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Export Award
  • Wholly owned subsidiary Right-Shoring R&D and Data Engineering Center in Hyderabad keeping our customer development/support costs to absolute minimum without compromise on quality
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