• ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of Consulting, Training and Product Development Services; Quality Management System developed entirely in-house in record Australian time and without help of external consultants.
  • ITIL Service Management Certified
  • SAP PartnerEdge Development Partner
  • HERE Development Partner and Global Data Reseller
  • ESRI Development Partner
  • Highest number of Smallworld GIS Qualified Staff and Certifications in AU/NZ
  • Highest number of GIS upgrades (50+) performed globally – many of them SAP/GIS Spatial Enterprise Solution upgrades – all on time/budget


  • We never trade-off quality against low cost resulting in costly later variations
  • We always deliver both quality AND low cost as we are not only ISO9001 Certified but we also operate our own successful Right-Shoring operation
  • Our solution delivery record over 25 years is second to none
  • We strictly obey local Labour and Immigration Laws and treat our global work force fairly and to International standards
  • Our staff churn is <10% for very good reasons
  • We always provide value-add through innovation well beyond customer expectation


  • Self-funded, financially stable, family-owned since 1995.
  • Successfully delivered $200m+ of geo-spatial IT solutions to global Telcos, electricity, gas, water Utilities, Government-owned Enterprise and Defence.
  • Responsible for very large projects, eg Development of National Broadband Physical Network Inventory (PNI) including the class-room based training of 1,600+ GIS operators and right-shoring of a very large Data Services program
  • 100% Australian owned right-shoring operation in Hyderabad India, managed by Australian and Indian Citizens, governed by an Australian Board of Directors.


  • 25 years experience in Conflation/GIS/SAP/CIS/SmartGrid Development/Support and Spatial Enterprise Solutions
  • Systematic GIS data quality improvement network adjustment right-shoring services (adjusted 80% of Queensland, 100% of WA, large parts of NSW, 100% of New Zealand, Texas and New York City, major parts of US and Canada, started all of France)
  • #1 Global Conflation/Homogenisation Solution Provider, processed 350+ million coordinates to-date
  • Wholly owned Right-Shoring Centre for R&D, Data Engineering and Conflation in Hyderabad India keeping our customer development/support costs to an absolute minimum without compromise on quality


  • Developed #1 Conflation Product/Service adjust.IT released 2000 as Smallworld implementation and 2019 as ArcGIS version sharing common adjustment engine; we have never lost an adjust.IT tender since.
  • Implemented World first SAP Certified GIS|connect Interface at United Energy 1996 still in production today; completed latest GIS|connect implementation as part of Ausnet WorkOut Project early 2016 – still the market leader after 20 years.
  • Developer of SAP Certified LatLonGO® ERP Mobility Solution including SAP WorkManager, PM, MRS Integration delivering Spatial Enterprise Solutions winning Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Victoria Export Award and sold to global electricity, gas and Telco customers managing millions of network connection points; LatLonGO/SAP Solution Winner of the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Export Award