We are ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of Consulting, Training and Product Development Services and our Quality Management System (QMS) “How we-do-IT” was developed entirely in-house in record Australian time and without help of external consultants.

We are ITIL Service Management Certified and SAP, HERE, ESRI & GE Smallworld GIS Partners with the highest number of Smallworld GIS Qualified Staff and Certifications in AU/NZ.

We have performed the highest number of GIS upgrades (50+) globally, many of them SAP/GIS Spatial Enterprise Solution upgrades – every one on time/budget



  • We never trade-off our delivery quality against low cost sales – resulting in later costly variations
  • We always deliver both quality AND low cost as we are not only ISO9001 Certified,
    but we also operate our own successful Right-Shoring operation
  • Our solution delivery record over 25 years is second to none
  • We strictly obey local Labour and Immigration Laws and pay competitive local market wages
  • Our staff churn is <10% for very good reasons
  • We always provide degree of value-add through innovation well beyond our customer expectations


  • 100% self-funded, financially stable, family-owned since 1995.
  • Successfully delivered $200m+ of geo-spatial IT solutions to global Telcos, electricity, gas, water Utilities and Defence.
  • Responsible for very large projects, eg Development of a 5-year National Broadband Physical Network Inventory (PNI) Project including the class-room based training of 1,600+ GIS operators and the right-shoring of a very large Data Services program
  • 100% Australian owned right-shoring operation in Hyderabad India,
    managed by Australian and Indian Citizens, governed by an Australian Board of Directors.


  • 25 years experience in Conflation/GIS/SAP/CIS/SmartGrid Development/Support and Spatial Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • #1 Global Conflation/Homogenisation Solution Provider, processed 350+ million coordinates to-date
  • (adjusted 80% of Queensland, 100% of WA, large parts of NSW, 100% of New Zealand, Texas and New York City, major parts of US and Canada, 100% of French gas distribution network)
  • Right-Shoring Centre of Excellence for R&D, Data Engineering and Conflation in Hyderabad India keeping our customer development/support costs to an absolute minimum without compromising delivery quality


  • Implemented World first SAP Certified GIS|connect Interface at United Energy 1996 still in production today
  • Developed #1 Conflation Product/Service adjust.IT released 2000 as Smallworld implementation and 2019 as ArcGIS version sharing common adjustment engine; we have never lost an adjust.IT tender since 2000.
  • Developer of SAP Certified LatLonGO® ERP Mobility Solution including SAP WorkManager, PM, MRS Integration delivering Spatial Enterprise Solutions winning the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Export Award

Highly Diversified Multidimensional Growth

  • Besides our continuous Business-as-usual (BAU) growth we strategically invest into new geographies, industries, technologies while developing our own new products and services.
  • Our Multidimensional Growth Strategy results in non-linear growth and a very high degree of diversification making we-do-IT crisis-proof for our customers, partners and staff.
  • Since 1995 we sailed unscathed through Y2K, the Dot-com bubble, the GFC and COVID-19.

Proven Solution Delivery Record and continuous Growth History

year milestone
1995 we-do-IT Pty Ltd (Australia)
1996 Smallworld World Class Partner
1996 Joint Partner Development and Implementation of World-first Smallworld/SAP Interface GISConnect
2000 First commercial release of adjust.IT Product & Service Methodology
2000 we-do-IT (NZ) Ltd
2007 Duke Energy Purchase of adjust.IT conflation software
2008 adjust.IT sale to Tacoma Power
2008 Conflated 100% of Western Australia for Water Corporation
2009 Conflated 80% of Queensland for Ergon Energy
2010 we-do-IT Inc (USA)
2012 Global HERE Reseller and stategic Development Partner
2012 Major 5 year GIS development and Data Engineering project for NBN Australia
2013 we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd Right-Shoring Operation
2013 LatLonGO/HERE Mobility Product Release
2013 we-do-IT (EMEA) Ltd
2013 we-do-IT Products Pty Ltd (Australia)
2014 Conflated all of Texas for Atmos Energy
2015 Three year Gaz de France conflation contract to improve location of entire French gas network
2015 we-do-IT GmbH (Germany)
2016 CableScout mobile (Specialised LatLonGO product for the Telco Industry) released
2016 Won major Australian Defence contract against much larger and established competition
2017 Conflated all of New York for Cablevision
2018 Won Deutsche Telekom Conflation tender as newcomer against fierce local competition
2018 Commenced LiDAR Conflation Project for Entergy
2018 Implemented ADMS GIS Integration for Xcel Energy
2019 GE Smallworld Partner
2019 ESRI Partner
2019 Reseller Agreement with Red Planet Solutions to target Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) – largest publicly-listed power company in Southeast Asia
2019 First LiDAR based conflation project completed for Oncor
2020 we-do-IT Right-Shoring Pty Ltd formed
2020 Commenced first ArcGIS conflation project for Southern Company