adjust.IT for ArcGIS Pro

Conflate your assets through the adjust.IT add in using ESRI’s ArcGIS

adjust.IT software is used to correct the positioning of network assets (e.g. pipes, UG cables) by shifting the network assets to match with spatially accurate land base data. adjust.IT software can be adapted to shift any topologically connected network.


In GIS applications network assets are typically positioned relative to a title line (cadastre)

Old Landbase (Orange) New Landbase (Green)

of a digital land base. The land base data may not always be accurate and is subject to change as more accurate land base information is added to the GIS database.


When new or more accurate land base data becomes available the network assets need to be shifted (adjusted) so that they will be positioned relative to the new land base. adjust.IT can now be used directly through ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro by installing an add on. Create a shift vector and shift the landbase to its new position simply using the add on.


This release of adjust.IT for ArcGIS features an addin ribbon for ArcGIS Pro that makes using the product straightforward. All features are accessible directly from the toolbar.








  • Least Squares Settings – Manage Least Squares settings used by configurations
  • Job Management – Custom UI and tools for managing jobs
  • Active Job tools – Custom tools for drawing shift vectors, shift model visualisation, layers visibility, ability to visualise adjustments before saving them.
  • Version management – Job versions are managed automatically by the add-in
  • adjust.IT schema management – Tools to install, validate and uninstall adjust.IT schema in enterprise geodatabase.


Read more about adjust.IT here.