Conflation Services

Accurate Network Adjustments. we-do-IT’s adjust.IT solution increases the efficiency of network management, optimisation, and performance by improving the location accuracy of your business’ network asset information. Our expert consultants use our own specialist software, adjust.IT, to automate the network adjustment process and improve spatial accuracy during conflation, which results in significant savings and quality improvements.

The adjust.IT product and conflation methodology offer some key advantages over other conflation approaches, which are prone to issues when data is exported to external systems for adjustment. These issues occur when the data is imported back into your system and can include: loss of network connectivity, exhaustion of database keys, poor quality assurance and quality control, or an extended database freeze period. Additionally, clients can lose visibility of data until it is returned post process to their database, as well as incurring the risk that data in the design state will not be exported or adjusted.

gis data conflation

Business Benefits

  • The latest spatial information from multiple field sources increases work place efficiency
  • Improved data sharing between utility, local counties, and emergency authorities
  • Regulatory compliance for distribution networks
  • Increased efficiency in Dial Before You Dig requests
  • Accurate sales and use tax calculations
  • Improved sales and marketing

Key differences in our approach

  • Project management
  • Automation of adjustments
  • Preservation of connectivity model
  • Rules based adjustments
  • Object specific rules
  • Quality management
  • No extended freeze of the database is required
  • Transactional rollout process
  • Adjustment of assets in a design state
  • Prevention of database conflicts
  • Deliveries calibrated to external Systems

Application Areas

Landbase modifications and replacements, spatial accuracy improvements, changes to geodetic reference system, utility network realignment, and road network conflation.