Spatial Enterprise Solutions

Transforming your Business.

  • The core of our company is our talented and multi-skilled team of IT professionals.
  • Our consultants have worked with leading global utility companies on some of the largest SAP, GIS and Mobility business integration projects.
  • Our commitment is to meet your budget and deadline requirements through our in-house Right-Shoring capacity.
  • We are able to rapidly cross-skill into any other technology.

Support Services:

  • Database Administration
  • Data Integrity
  • Implementations & Upgrades
  • System customisation and enhancements
  • System Integration
  • Workflow Customisation


we-do-IT implemented the world-first SAP Certified GIS interface at United Energy in 1996 and has since performed similar work at Powercor, Water Corporation, Mercury Energy, City of Tacoma, Puget Sound, Jemena, Multi-Net Gas.

During 2013 we released the GIS agnostic, SAP Certified ERP Mobility Solution LatLonGO developed specifically for Ausnet Services  following an intense 4 week shoot-out won against legacy GIS players and to exacting customer requirements when the product had zero reference sites.  It since sold to major electricity, gas and telco customers totalling 4.8m connection points in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany and Luxembourg and has been selected by leading Cable Management Solution provider JoSoftware in Germany to be marketed as cableScout mobile to their 300+ customers in 20 countries.

Integration with SAP WorkManager6.1 Open UI as well as embedding the LatLonGO web client into the SAP NetWeaver Business Client SAP-PM and SAP-MRS modules formed the core of the SAP/GIS development work while configuring the advanced functionality GISconnect interface between SAP-PM and Smallworld GIS.  The breadth of this end-to-end SAP/GIS workflow integration is globally unique.

We have partnered with Innovapptive to embed  LatLonGO inside Innovapptive’s mobile EAM portfolio, creating the most configurable enterprise-grade SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance solution on the market to-date.  Innovapptive became unprecedented consecutive SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner in 2015 and 2016 for their powerful digitization framework to accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of mobility ownership.

Smallworld GIS

we-do-IT is the largest independent Smallworld GIS consultancy and support practice in the Asia-Pacific region offering only 100% Customer Focused advice, we have never been a VAR, nor will we ever be one.

Our team of industry certified Geospatial IT consultants has worked on every Smallworld GIS site in Australia and New Zealand, covering all industries from telecommunications, power, water, gas and transport.

The World’s largest Smallworld GIS Telcos and Utilities trust we-do-IT:
AltaGas, APA Group, Atmos Energy, Ausgrid, Ausnet Services, Black Hill Energy, CableVision (Altice USA), Chorus, CitiPower, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Fortis BC, Gaz de France (Engie), Helix Water, Horizon Power, Jemena, Manitoba Hydro, MutiNet Gas, Piedmont Natural Gas, PowerCor, Puget Sound Energy, Sydney Water, Tacoma Power, Telstra, TransGrid, UEcomm, United Energy, Vector, Vodafone NZ, Water Corporation of WA, Xcel Energy, ….

  • We are the most experienced core Smallworld upgrade specialists with 45+ upgrades.
  • 14 of these upgrades were 4.x upgrades, all accomplished on time and budget.
  • We do not tolerate project over-run or technical failure all too common in the IT industry.
  • We take care of all the details from project planning to future upgrades.
  • We work smart to meet your business and budget requirements.
  • We have been rewarded for our commitment to excellence with the first Smallworld 5.1 upgrade in the Southern Hemisphere and we are well on track to be the first to complete one globally.

We offer the following Smallworld GIS services:

  • Smallworld GIS Support, Administration, and Upgrades (40+ to-date)
  • Smallworld GIS Data Migration Projects
  • Custom Smallworld GIS Development and Enhancements
  • Integration of Smallworld GIS with other key business systems
    (including Enterprise Resource Planning, Outage Management, and Customer Information Systems)
  • SAP Enterprise Integration using Award Winning ERP Mobility Solution LatLonGO


we-do-IT has the specialist skills and experience to manage ESRI ArcGIS and ArcFM applications within the utilities industry.

Our proven track record allows us to navigate and assess your asset networks to provide the best solution for your business.

We offer the following ESRI services:

  • Work flow Customisation
  • System Integration
  • Implementation and Upgrades
  • Software Development


we-do-IT is a Synchronoss Gold Partner and has one of the largest pools of spatialNET® consultants in the Southern Hemisphere

we-do-IT provides end-to-end solution services including solution design, business analysis and consultancy to the users of the Synchronoss SPATIALsuite platform in the telecommunications industry, in particular the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia to provide 12+ million broadband connection points.

we-do-IT has class-room trained 1,600+ NBN and 1st Tier Service Provider operators to-date.

The team delivers both tactical agile and strategic large-scale development programs to Australian fibre network providers and their integration partners.

At each stage of the solution delivery process the team offers industry best practice.

Oracle Spatial

we-do-IT’s industry certified Geospatial IT consultants can support your Oracle Spatial database end-to-end.

From database administration to post project viewing options; we cover all the bases while meeting your specific budget and business requirements.

We offer the following Oracle Spatial support services:

  • Support & Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Database Administration
  • Software Development


we-do-IT’s Intergraph support team consists of highly trained, industry certified, GIS consultants, who understand complex utility networks.

Our solutions will help your business maintain and support existing Intergraph G/Technology and Geomedia software.

We aim for excellence and make accurate and efficient utility GIS systems our primary concern.

We offer the following Intergraph support services:

  • Support & Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Workflow Customisation
  • Data Integrity