LatLonGO/HERE Integration

How we-do-IT:

we-do-IT released the Award winning GIS agnostic SAP Certified ERP Mobility Solution LatLonGO in 2013 that has since sold to global electricity, gas and Telco utilities servicing 4.8m network connection points. LatLonGO comes bundled with HERE, the only high-performance global offline base map. In addition we-do-IT provides HERE Maps inside SAP and HERE Maps inside Smallworld the leading utilities/Telco GIS. we-do-IT is a Global HERE Maps Reseller.


  • better coverage
    • 196 countries in the world
    • indoor maps for over 90,000 buildings across over 11,000 venues in 72 countries
  • better spatial and attribute accuracy
    • used in 80% of factory-fit navigation systems in North America and Europe
  • better data currency
    • 2.7 million changes/day
    • largest and most highly trained team of 6,000 mapmakers on the planet
  • only base map provider with true offline capability
  • best subscription model and reliable Enterprise-grade  Support
  • bundled with LatLonGO Mobility Solution

inside SAP:

… a we-do-IT Solution providing the best base map for SAP customers:

HERE Maps can be embedded in the SAP Netweaver Business Client, for example Plant Maintenance (PM) or Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS).

Included free-of-charge with we-do-IT sourced HERE Maps subscription.

Here we have a HERE Maps embedded in the SAP Netweaver Business Client displaying Plant Maintenance (PM) Functional Location Data on the left and associated GIS network assets overlayed on top of HERE Maps inside the SAP embedded LatLonGO/HERE web client.

It is a true two-way integration where a SAP record selection highlights on the map and any LatLonGO/HERE feature selection will in turn become SAP-PM selection criteria.  The same two-way interface exists for HERE Maps Integration with SAP Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS) using the LatLonGO/HERE web client.