Setting the Benchmark for Advanced ERP Mobility


LatLonGO/HERE is a Spatial Enterprise Mobility Platform using the HERE Mobile SDKs to take full advantage of the powerful and flexible HERE location platform.  Mobile workers can offline search assets and navigate to them, redline notifications and perform work order tasks.

The LatLonGO/HERE clients can be embedded in traditional back-office applications such as SAP Plant Maintenance, Multiple Resource Scheduling and SAP-SMP/Work Orders; as well as advanced offerings like Innovapptive.

Business Benefits

  • OFFLINE equipment & address search + navigation
  • Significant Truck Roll reductions & improved wrench times
  • End-to-end business process flows
  • Minimal operator training time, easy-to-use touch client interface
  • Better informed and more productive work force
  • Enterprise Mobility to support GIS & ERP & DMS operations
  • ERP Work Order, Notification, Equipment, Functional Location and Operations
  • Intuitive map-centric business process flow, no database structure knowledge required
  • Dynamic data feeds (outages, customer-off-supply, weather, etc…)
  • Redlining instantly shared with the office
  • One-click-access to associated documents (work instructions, manuals, OH&S)

Key Differentiators

  • SAP Certified
  • GIS agnostic
    (native Smallworld, ESRI, Oracle, AutoCad, QGIS + FME)
  • HERE Maps Location Platform Advantage
  • OFFLINE (sometimes connected), searching, routing, network tracing
  • strong integration capability
    (SAP, Innovapptive, Fulcrum, cableScout)
  • BitTorrent data distribution
  • AES-256 encryption and compression,
    data is not unpacked on device, highest degree of mobile device storage efficiency and data security
  • OFFLINE aerial imagery (ECW and JPEG2000) support
  • Any data, any device, anybody – any time!

Affordable Field Computing

LatLonGO® is a complete ERP Mobility Solution for distributing Enterprise Data to mobile tablets, phones and web clients.  It is 100% GIS agnostic and supports a variety of GIS formats, cloud- or local-host based storage and it compresses and securely encrypts the data for mobile workers, allowing them to work on- and off-line (sometimes connected).

The product is positioned at the “low-cost, high-user-count” spectrum of the Mobility market providing simple review and redlining functionality in the field and sophisticated business system integration capability.  LatLonGO takes advantage of the superior enterprise grade HERE Maps location platform – factory fitted in 80% of US and European in-car navigation systems.

Simplicity by Design

The number of mobile devices in circulation have surpassed the world’s population with a rapid acceleration in iOS, Android and Windows10 tablet up-take.  Tablets are fast becoming popular in Utilities and Telcos for field use, United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810 certified cases transform consumer tablets into fully ruggedised, yet lightweight tablets at 10% of the legacy ruggedised laptop cost.

The biggest Mobility acceptance challenge for the field work force is the handling of complex business process flows through intuitive software running on low-cost ruggedized tablets.

Real-Time Event Handling for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The ‘simplicity by design’ philosophy extends into sophisticated business processes by providing a Certified SAP Mobility interface to NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Plant Maintenance and Planned Outage use cases.

In addition, dynamic GeoRSS layers for Unplanned Outage scenarios are supported – for example, customers off-supply, network section/switch status, weather events, …

Telco Edition: LatLonGO/cableScout mobile

cableScout mobile is a LatLonGO Telco extension specifically developed for the highly successful Cable Management software cableScout developed by JO Software in Germany and sold to 300+ global customers.

JO Software Engineering GmbH is a modern software company with over 25 years’ experience in network technology and engineering. Since 1998 the company has focused on the development and sale of the leading network management software cableScout.

Quality Software Design, Creation, Maintenance and Support

LatLonGO is proudly made by we-do-IT, ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the provision of IT based Consulting, Training and Product Development Services.

The World’s largest Utilities and Telcos trust we-do-IT:

Accenture, AltaGas, APA Group, Atmos Energy, Ausgrid, Ausnet Services, Australian Defence, CableVision Altice, Chorus, CityFibre, CitiPower, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, Endeavour Energy, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Flomatik/Teleste, Fortis BC, Gaz Réseau Distribution France, GE, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Helix Water, HERE, Horizon Power, IBM, Jemena Gas/Electricity, Land Information New Zealand, Lumo Energy, LuxConnect, Mainpower NZ, Manitoba Hydro, MutiNet Gas, NBN Co, Optus, Piedmont Natural Gas, PowerCo NZ, PowerCor, Puget Sound Energy, Sydney Water, Tacoma Power, Telstra, TransGrid, UEcomm, United Energy, Vector, Versatel, Virgin Media, Vodafone UK & NZ, Water Corporation of WA, Xcel Energy, Yarra Valley Water.


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Any data, any server, any device, any time.

The LatLonGO solution has been designed from first principles to address the challenges facing ERP Mobility. It provides the end-user with a system for distributing Enterprise information seamlessly to any mobile touch client Android, iPad, Windows tablet or phone.

LatLonGO compresses, encrypts and packages the data for mobile tablet devices, allowing them to work offline (sometimes connected). It can load data from any GIS format and serve it from any in-house or external (cloud) servers.  Data on the mobile device are not unpacked, but decrypted and decompressed on-the-fly providing the highest degree of efficiency and data security.  Data are distributed in the most efficient way using BitTorrent technology.

LatLonGO is for field crews who require access to their back-office Enterprise data any time, even in remote or security sensitive locations when no web access exists. It provides an up-to-date copy of corporate SAP or GIS data and integrates with GE Smallworld GIS, ESRI ArcGIS and SPATIALinfo spatialNET natively (WYSIWYG) or any other GIS format via our LatLonGO FME Writer.

A highly customised version for the Telco Cable Management market has been white-labelled as cableScout mobile.