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We are a SAP PartnerEdge Development Partner and were selected as privileged SAP HANA StartUp.Focus program member.

Our Award winning GIS agnostic SAP Certified ERP Mobility Solution LatLonGO/HERE became the first SAP store spatial app in Asia-Pacific.

We became Top 1% Finalist (out of 500+ global SAP partners) in SAP/HERE HANA App Challenge at 2016 SAPPHIRE in Orlando, Florida.

Innovapptive became unprecedented consecutive SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner in 2015 and 2016 for their powerful digitization framework to accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of mobility ownership.

We have partnered with Innovapptive to embed  LatLonGO/HERE inside Innovapptive’s mobile EAM portfolio, creating the most configurable enterprise-grade SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance solution on the market to-date.

IBM Business Partners come from companies small and large; from those that sell IBM to those that use it; from traditional resellers to new, born-on-the-cloud companies; from solutions architects to deployment experts.

We make the partnership about you — first and always.

we-do-IT has worked with IBM on major business integration projects.

#1 Location platform provider used in 85% of factory-fitted in-car navigation, owned by Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Quality Enterprise-grade, fast, offline maps in 130+ countries.

we-do-IT is HERE Development Partner and global Reseller.

LatLonGO comes bundled with HERE Maps to overcome the offline Google maps limitations.

Cable Scout

Advanced Cable Management Software for the documentation, planning and administration of modern telecommunications networks.

We have customised our core LatLonGO/HERE technology as a cableScout mobile extension for the specific needs of 300+ cableScout customers in 20 countries.

The entire network infrastructure of buildings, ducts, micro-ducts, cables, cabinets, components and signals is implemented on the device so no internet connection is required.

Flomatik is an established UK-based Network Services company, working with major network operators, technology vendors and engineering companies to design, build and operate the next generation of networks.

Flomatik is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teleste, a leading broadband network equipment manufacturer. Teleste was founded in Finland in 1954, trades globally and is listed on the Nasdaq OMX, Helsinki.

We are working with Flomatik to provide fibre network LatLonGO/HERE mobility solutions to the European market.

FiberPlanIT focuses on the crucial FTTx design automation solution, but does not perform the inventory and management part of network planning and design.

To better serve the needs of their customers they work closely with several partners, each with their own focus on a step of the project execution.

Comsof is a LatLonGO/HERE reseller.