adjust.IT for GE Smallworld and ESRI ArcGIS

#1 Conflation & Big Data Analytics Methodology

Utilities and telcos world-wide struggle with the task of maintaining their networks in reference to a changing land base.

Our proprietary adjust.IT software and delivery methodology improves the spatial accuracy of asset information through the process of conflation and Data Analytics.  The solution increases the efficiency of network management, optimisation, and performance by improving the location accuracy of business’ network asset information.

adjust.IT has evolved into the #1 conflation solution since 2000 with more than 350 million coordinates successfully adjusted to-date.  The solution is available in both GE Smallworld GIS and ESRI ArcGIS PRO sharing a common adjustment engine solving 250,000+ unknowns per second on a low-spec desktop PC – and much more in Virtual Server Environments.

adjust.IT software is used to correct the positioning of network assets (e.g. pipes, UG cables) by shifting the network assets to match a spatially more accurate land base.  Where simple rubber sheeting techniques fail we are able to adjust highly in-homogeneous vector and raster data to any number of spatially accurate control points.

Network layers conflation to more accurate landbase

Data Analytics Visualisation (Quality Heat Map)