Right Shoring, on-shoring, off-shoring: we-do-IT.

Our right-shoring strategy creates the most cost-effective quality team regardless of location.

Right shoring spatial IT


ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of IT based Consulting,

Training and Product Development Services.

For many years, we have successfully delivered right shoring solutions to our global adjust.IT customers.

Following our success, we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd now operates as a wholly Australian owned subsidiary in Hyderabad since 2012.

Organisationally and culturally we are well prepared to offer right-shoring to our global customers and the nature of our work has greatly diversified into general network data capture and maintenance for telcos and utilities.

Right-shoring requires a business to maintain a balance between the work types that can be outsourced overseas and the ones that should be kept domestic. Commonly, less complex types of work and work that carries a lower level of importance can be shifted abroad, while complex and important types, or ones that require extensive customer interaction, are kept at home.

Our projects are typically a mix of:

Onshore specialist, high value - low volume tasks:

Project Management, Requirement Analysis, Architecture, Design, Advanced Development, Training, …

Offshore generic, low cost - high volume tasks:

Administration, Configuration, Development, Testing, Documentation, Data Migration and Clean-up – making up the majority of the project hours.

Right-shoring: Lowest possible cost without losing quality.

Our low blended Right-shoring rates, commitment to ISO9001 and decades of industry experience make us highly competitive.

Business Benefits:

Cost Savings

  • The customer will get a drastic service cost reduction or multiple throughput increases within their budget constraints, but without loss of service quality.
  • Both Melbourne and Hyderabad operations are ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the provision of IT based Consulting, Training and Product Development Services.
  • We have successfully conflated 300+ million coordinates using our right-shoring approach – saving our Telco and utility customers millions of dollars in on-shore service costs.

Successful Track Record

  • we-do-IT is a veteran of successful right-shoring for our adjust.IT network alignment data services performed for our global customers.
  • The projects are managed from Australia with the majority of the work performed in our 100% Australian owned subsidiary we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd.
  • Both Australian and Indian operations are ISO9001 Certified.

we-do-IT Trained

  • Several of our Indian staff who joined us in Australia many years ago have since taken up management roles in Hyderabad and lead we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd from strength to strength providing both R&D and Data Engineering services.
  • Within three years we had to move from a 60 workstation office into a 120 and recently a 240 workstation facility.  We are now looking to expand again as our right-shoring model is highly valued by our customer base.