Business Solutions

Delivering quality, cost-effective Geospatial IT Product and Services.

Conflation Services

To-date we have adjusted 300+ million coordinates using adjust.IT for major global utility/Telco companies like AltaGas, APA Group, Atmos Energy, Ausgrid, CableVision Altice, Chorus, Duke Energy, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Fortis BC, Gaz Réseau Distribution France, Helix Water, Manitoba Hydro, Piedmont Natural Gas, Water Corporation of WA and Xcel Energy.

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Geospatial Solutions

Since becoming the first Smallworld World Class Partner in the Southern Hemisphere 1996, we-do-IT has maintained a high level of expertise in the Smallworld product line for many global customers:

AltaGas, APA Group, Atmos Energy, Ausgrid, Ausnet Services, CableVision Altice, Chorus, CitiPower, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Fortis BC, Gaz Réseau Distribution France, Helix Water, Horizon Power, Jemena, Mainpower NZ, Manitoba Hydro, MutiNet Gas, Piedmont Natural Gas, PowerCor, Puget Sound Energy, Sydney Water,Tacoma Power, Telstra, TransGrid, UEcomm, United Energy, Vector, Water Corporation of WA, Xcel Energy.

We are 100% GIS/CAD vendor independent and also use Intergraph, QGIS, ESRI, Bentley, Oracle Spatial, spatialNET, … technologies to fulfil our customer’s needs.

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Research and Development

The we-do-IT Research and Development team develops innovative products that provide real value to our customers.

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ERP Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Mobility is one of our strong points based on 20+ years of SAP/GIS integration expertise.

Our Award winning LatLonGO solution operates 100% offline (sometimes connected), AES256 encrypted, highly compressed, distribute very large spatial data updates using BitTorrent and bundle HERE Maps – used in 85% of factory-fitted car navigation systems – as part of our Enterprise-grade solution.

GIS Field Recording

we-do-IT offers reliable, efficient and quality field recording to conform with the AS5488 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information.

Our team is based on a core group of experienced power industry managers and a team of experienced GIS Field Recorders and Coordinators.

They are not just competent – they are also highly proficient. We know the requirement, understand the quality specifications and how to achieve them, and offer a low risk solution.

If you need the job done right the first time, then you need we-do-IT network field recording.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering teams have many years of specialist network design & data capture expertise, they solve any data challenges outside our Conflation service scope.

Engineering team provides the following core services:

  • Telecommunication network design and architecture
  • Experience in working on fixed, wireless and mobile networks.
  • Electricity, Gas & Water network design & capture using Smallworld as well as NRM.
  • we-do-IT offers support and consultation for a range telecommunication network design and planning tools
  • GIS data capture, processing and analysis and cleansing GIS data on a range of platforms such as Smallworld and ESRI

FTTx - National Broadband Solutions

we-do-IT provides end-to-end solution services including solution design, business analysis, consultancy and data services in the telecommunications industry.

The team delivers both tactical agile and strategic large-scale development programs to Global fibre network providers and their integration partners. At each stage of the solution delivery process the team offers industry best practice.

We built the GIS behind the Australian National Broadband Network over a five year period class-room training 1,600+ GIS operators in the process.


Our team has classroom trained more than 1,600 + end users, developers and administrators in GIS products and business processes.

  • we-do-IT has successfully provided Smallworld training services in a variety of out of the box and customised solutions to a number of domestic and international clients
  • we-do-IT has provided training services in a number of industries including telecommunications, electricity and gas
  • we-do-IT offers a truly global training service and can offer training anywhere in the world with trainers fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and French

Available Courses:

  • GE Smallworld products (including PNI, Electric, Gas and Water Office)
  • Business Training
  • Microsoft Certified Courses: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Project Management
  • MS Project